Self-Limiting Beliefs by Vince Morales

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You have the potential to accomplish all of your personal and professional goals. But you let self-limiting beliefs hold you back, so you keep playing small. These may be self-imposed limiting beliefs or others-imposed limiting beliefs. You work with clients that don’t pay you what you’re worth. You don’t publish that book because you think you don’t have enough experience. You don’t partner with a business coach because you think you’re not important enough.

You keep listening to these lies, replaying them like a beloved song. You do this, not because you love being stuck, but because being stuck feels safer than going after what you really want.

Self-sabotage is the playground bully that keeps pushing you around and it’s time that you get angry. It’s time that you stop listening to his taunts and insults. It’s time that you take back your power and become the solopreneur you were meant to be.

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