Psychographics to Understand Your Market by Vince Morales

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Understanding your customers on an emotional level is one of the keys to building the types of lasting relationships that ensure your business success. Understanding things like the way your customers think, what they value, what they struggle with, and what comes easily to them are all critical parts of figuring out what makes them tick. And, when you understand how and when your prospects make buying decisions, you’re halfway towards converting them to customers.

Marketing is all about positioning your products and services so that they are in front of the right people at the right time in the buying process. It’s about charting your prospects’ journey, starting at the point before they even know they need something like what you have to offer. The journey ends when those prospects decide to buy. You want to make sure those prospects become YOUR customers, not your competitors’. And, you want to make sure that the journey doesn’t end there. It continues along as you build deeper relationships and a loyal base of customers.

This set is a course ebook and action guide combination.

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