Making the Distinction: Growth vs Fixed Mindsets (Journal & Workbook) by Vince Morales

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A fixed mindset is the idea that you were born with or without certain qualities and talents. You may think things like, “I’m not good at reading. I never have been.” Or you might say, “I want to paint landscapes but I wasn’t born an artist.”

The problem with a fixed mindset is that it keeps you stuck. You limit your experiences and your feelings based on what you think you can achieve. But there is an alternative point of view that’s called a growth mindset. How Does a Fixed Mindset Impact You? A fixed mindset can affect every area of your life even if you don’t realize it. For example, it can affect your finances. You might say things like, “I’ve never had a head for numbers so I’m not going to use a monthly budget system.”

A growth mindset is the belief that even though you may not have certain qualities, you can develop them through learning and practice. Developing a growth mindset doesn’t mean that you have to do something radical like sell all of your possessions and move halfway across the world. Having a growth mindset is more about staying open to new experiences and new people.

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