Intentional Impact by Vince Morales

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What does it mean to make an impact? It means having an influence over something or someone, thereby changing them. This influence can be either good or bad, depending on your actions. Believe it or not, you are making an impact every moment of every day, in one way or another. You are also experiencing the impact of others’ actions on a regular basis. By the way, changing people is via influence and inspiration, not by force, manipulation, or control.

This combo set is designed to open your mind to the unlimited possibilities for you to make a difference with the impact you have on those around you. My goal is to help you explore the opportunities you may have never considered, and to encourage you to take action. I’m going to break down concepts that might seem daunting, and show you that you can make an impact and a true difference through small and consistent actions.

You may have never considered that just one person can make a difference when it seems like it takes a village to do just about anything. The truth is: you can make a difference all on your own, without a team or organized mechanism backing you up. You are actually already making a difference all over the place - you just don’t identify it as being impactful. I’ll help you identify those special things you are already doing and encourage you to do more of the same, as well as introduce new ideas that you’ll be excited to implement.

Ready to learn how to intentionally impact those around you?

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