How to Converse with Anyone by Vince Morales

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Why is it so hard to talk to people? Oddly enough, we’re communicating all the time. But living in the era of direct messages, tweets, emails, and texts, it’s becoming harder and harder to just talk to each other. The sad thing is, conversation is an art that’s needed more than ever.
To truly get ahead in business or your personal life, at some point, you need to know how to talk to other people using something more than text on a screen. If making conversation is intimidating to you, then use these tips to master the art of being able to talk to anyone, anywhere.

In this ebook, Vince Morales reveals: 4 tricks to talking to anyone, 5 tips for having difficult conversations with your partner, how to talk to your boss about anything, strategies for surviving small talk with anyone, 10 tips for talking to a staff member who is underperforming, 8 strategies for talking to your teen about anything.

You will also receive tips on having tough conversations, facing fear, and making a good first impression.

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