How To Be More Decisive by Vince Morales

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There can be a problem with having too many choices. They say choice is good for the consumer. When you are shopping for something, having multiple marketers and manufacturers bidding for your money is a good thing. This puts the law of supply and demand in your favor. Product quality has to be high since there is so much competition, and prices tend to race towards the bottom. You can play one company against another and always get good value at a reasonable price. The same is not necessarily true with having a ton of choices if you have a hard time making a decision.

Which brand should you go with? Is one healthier than another, and does that justify paying more money? Should you shop on price alone, since so many of the products are similar in nature? No doubt this has occurred in your life, making the choice of one product over another very difficult.

The same can be true in other aspects of your life as well. Whenever You Make a Decision of Any Kind, the Choice You Make Costs You Some Other Opportunity

Opportunity cost is a very real thing. Even when making very basic decisions, any choice you make means you can't make other choices. This can lead to massive indecision.

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