Choosing Me 5 Day Mini Course by Vince Morales

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Choosing to put yourself first needs to be an ongoing, daily habit. Why is putting our own needs first so vital to health, happiness, and success?

  • It staves off burn-out
  • It sets you up to live a fulfilled, joyful life
  • It keeps you focused on what’s important
  • It helps you refocus when you feel overwhelmed or at a loss as to what should come next
  • It aids in recuperating from stress so that it doesn’t build up
  • If its good enough on a commercial airplane for you to put your oxygen mask first so you can be effective to help someone else, then its good enough for you outside of the airplane.

If you would like to begin making yourself a priority, but don’t know where to start, you are in the right place. In this 5 Day Mini Course, we are going to guide you through several steps imperative to the Choosing Me process over a period of 5 days. By the time you are done with this mini course, you’ll not only acknowledge that putting yourself is worth the effort, but you’ll know how to make it happen! You’ll be totally on board and moving towards living a reality where self-care and filling your cup first isn’t a reward, but a necessity.

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