A Beginners Guide to Critical Thinking by Vince Morales

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When you use critical thinking to analyze these people and belief systems, you can better know if they’re right for you. Sometimes the pressures of the people you’re around all the time can seem intimidating and in the back of your mind, you may wonder if you’ve made the right decisions. Critical thinking can clarify these issues so that you can feel better about the decisions you make. Reasoning and logic sometimes seem to have disappeared because of the melee of information that comes our way on a daily and almost momentary basis. You can learn to get that reasoning and logic power back and to develop it so that you see clearly what you’re dealing with. Basically, what you’ll glean from the power of critical thinking are: Problem solving ability, Making better decisions, Makes you less vulnerable to other’s opinions and belief pressures, Helps you to better understand the world and the various problems we face.

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