My Empowerment Quest

My Empowerment Quest

My Empowerment Quest is not a webinar, it's a journey with gamification. A journey with access to a Program Mentor to walk with you and a Community Group to encourage and empower.

You can choose an individual program, or one of our three Mission Hubs or you can aim higher to complete the entire 10 program CONQUEST: ME journey. The choice is yours. Prizes, including a black t-shirt that proudly displays your accomplishment of the entire CONQUEST: ME. Each hub is named with a particular theme but the focus of all the Hubs is your personal growth and development. 

Coming Soon March 20th:  Self-Image Mastery 

                                 Promo Video: Self-Image Mastery  (Click link or below image to view promo video)

Empowered for Self-Image Mastery

Self-Image Mastery

Conquest Me

What is the My Empowerment Quest coaching/teaching method?

Check out this overview video of the coaching/teaching approach by clicking on the below image

My Empowerment Quest

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"I don't think that scheduling is uncreative. I think that structure is required for creativity." - Twyla Tharp

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